With Kenneth Rowntree suceeding Gowing as Professor and following Pasmore’s departure in 1961, this decade saw the increasing influence of Richard Hamilton in teaching, more emphasis on British 20th century acquisitions and younger contemporary artists’ exhibitions.

While Evetts, McCheyne, Holland and Hodgson remained on the staff, others such as Geoffrey Dudley, Eric Dobson, Derwent Wise and later Ian Stephenson took prominent roles.



  • Summer Exhibition

    27 June - 11 July 1963

Staff / Students

1963, student Work in Progress exhibition, poster

The manipulation of text in the poster for the 1963 student Work in Progress exhibition would seem to relate more to Hamilton’s interest in graphic design than many of the earlier student posters, which tended be abstract and relate more to ‘basic course’ exercises.

1963, Student Summer Exhibition, poster

The screenprinted poster for the student 1963 Summer Exhibition was a departure from previous ones in its use of bold, flat areas of colour.

1963, Student Summer Exhibition, catalogue

Cover and inside page of the 1963 student Summer Exhibition.

In 1963 the external examiners were Robert Clatworthy and William Scott.

1963, Student Summer Exhibition, press reviews

Both Bernard Staniland and W.E. Johnson’s reviews note the variety of works on display with ‘examples of most contemporary schools of thought, from the figurative to the geometrical abstraction’. Though both note signs of his presence, for Johnson it is the ‘last flicker of the declining Pasmore influence’. Derek Morris and Jean Ramsey’s sculptures are highlighted in both reviews.

1963, Richard Smith, studio photograph

The artist Richard Smith was a visiting tutor in 1963. Though best known as a painter focused on colour, here he can be seen conducting a teaching session in the sculpture studio.

(Photograph courtesy of the National Art Education Archive, Yorkshire Sculpture Park)



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